Career Development

We work with the industry to offer skills development and training support that enhances the careers of directors.

Masterclass: A Career Case Study with Isabelle Sieb


You & Me: Paid Placement Opportunity with Happy Prince and ITV Studios

Script to Screen: Then Barbara Met Alan with Amit Sharma and Bruce Goodison

ScreenSkills and Directors UK’s Become a Self-Shooting PD

How to Network Fearlessly — with Tracy Forsyth

Directors UK Inspire: Triggering my TV directing career

Working with Animals: a Masterclass with Andy Hay and Ruth Carney

Working with Actors: a webinar with Suri Krishnamma

An Introduction to Fearless Pitching with David Keating

4Stories 2022: A Guide to the Application and Production Process

EVENT POSTPONED — Script to Screen: Vigil — A Career Development Masterclass with Isabelle Sieb and Lotus Hannon

From mentoring to collaboration: Nicola Quilter and Robert Del Maestro on Directors UK Inspire

On the Edge, on the record — we talk to the 4Stories directors about how they made their short films

Securing and Managing Your Agent Relationship

Living The Long Call: an interview with David Allain

Building Your Brand: How to Create an Online Strategy and Utilise Social Media Platforms

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