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Your Rights

Directors UK is committed to providing first-class service to all its customers. As part of this commitment we have introduced a Code of Conduct for our members and prospective members.

This Code will set out important information about Directors UK, what members can expect from us, and how you can help us to help you.

Directors UK has produced the Code of Conduct, based on a set of Principles for Collective Management Organisations’ Codes of Conduct published by the British Copyright Council (BCC).

These Principles have been developed in conjunction with the minimum standards for UK collecting societies published by the Government.


We have also provided an extension of our Code of Conduct with the expectations on how you should deal with Directors UK employees. You can download this extension below.


In the event of a complaint where a member feels that we have not acted in accordance with our obligations contained in our Code of Conduct or a member wishes to challenge a sanction that Directors UK have imposed under the Directors UK Member Policy for Unacceptable Behaviour, Directors UK operates a Complaint and Appeals Procedure. You can download this below.


Know your rights

Under the Collective Management of Copyright Regulations 2016, as a rights holder and member, you have certain rights which Directors UK is required to make you aware of.

As a member of Directors UK you have the right:

  • To freely choose and authorise Directors UK to manage your rights and subject matter in relation to your rights, including: categories of rights, types of work (“Your Rights”) in a territory irrespective of your country of nationality or residence.
  • To have Directors UK manage your rights, unless the management of your rights falls outside the scope of Directors UK activity or there is an objectively justified reason why Directors UK may refuse to manage your rights.
  • To have the authorisation and consent to manage your rights evidenced in writing. Directors UK shall document your rights authorisation and consents in the Directors UK Collection Agreement.
  • To terminate or withdraw authorisation of Directors UK to manage your rights, partially or as a whole, by serving reasonable notice not exceeding six months, unless Directors UK decides that such termination or withdrawal may happen before the end of its financial year.
  • That termination or withdrawal from Directors UK managing your rights will not affect (if applicable) any monies due to you at or before termination or withdrawal, your right to request information or to have your complaints handled.
  • On termination of management of your rights with Directors UK you have the right to choose another Collective Management Organisation to manage your rights with no restriction from Directors UK.
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