Distributions Overview

Directors UK collects and distributes money due to the principal director of a film or television programme for the exploitation of their work. Payments are collected from UK broadcasters and from Europe. 

UK Distribution Scheme

Under the terms of its Rights Agreement with broadcasters and producers, Directors UK receives an annual payment to compensate for rights assigned by directors under individual contract.

Payments are allocated under the terms of the UK Distribution Scheme. This takes account of the type of work, transmission length and form of secondary exploitation (e.g. repeat transmissions, sales, DVD releases etc.)

This scheme applies to all programmes made by, for or in association with the signatory companies (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, S4C) and for which the director was engaged on or after 1 July 2001 under a freelance contract.

Find out more about the UK distribution scheme.

Foreign Collections

Directors UK has agreements with collecting societies throughout Europe and receives payments due under national legislations for the re-use of work. This can include private copying, cable retransmissions and educational recording.

Find out more about the foreign distribution scheme.

Educational Recording

Directors UK is a member of the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) and receives payments for the recording of broadcasts in educational establishments.

Directors UK monitors transmissions in the UK and Europe daily to assist in the distribution of payments under its UK Distribution Scheme and to substantiate the claims it submits to the foreign collection societies. 

BBC Residuals

In 2006 Directors UK took over the administration of the BBC Residuals payments due to directors and producers for programmes made under the 1976 and 1984 union agreements. Directors UK administers payments for sales under this scheme.

Find out more about the BBC residuals scheme.

Unregistered Directors List

Do you know any of these non-members who have money allocated to them under our distribution schemes?

Go to our Unregistered Directors List.

Distribution Committee

The Distribution Committee meets twice a year.

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