Career Development

We work with the industry to offer skills development and training support that enhances the careers of directors.

Directors & New Technology: Demystifying MoCap and Virtual Production

Top Tips for Building an Impactful CV


A Career Development session for unrepresented female directors — with director Dearbhla Walsh and agent Emma Obank


Lost Boys and Fairies (working title): Paid Placement Opportunity for Wales-based Director


Rivals: Paid Placement Opportunity with Happy Prince and ITV Studios for a Director of Colour


Online networking with TripleC DANC


RISEN: Placement Opportunity for Wales-based Director

Elevate Your CV: A CV writing skills webinar with Sian Whomes 

Will Jewell and Dan Zeff on mentoring with Directors UK Inspire


Doctors: Directors Training Scheme with BBC Studios and Directors UK

Building Your Brand on Social Media — with Dinita Moore


Raising the bar on accessibility: making Ralph & Katie with director Jordan Hogg, hosted by Delyth Thomas

The Territory: A Factual Masterclass with Alex Pritz and Jenny Ash


Directors UK Inspire: A Mentoring and Career Development programme

Working with a DoP: a Masterclass on Peaky Blinders with Anthony Byrne and Mathieu Plainfossé

Inspired: Rita Osei on mentoring with Lynsey Miller, directing second unit and shadowing on set in Istanbul

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