One of you, many of us.
Engaging with us

Directors UK exists to engage with, to listen to, and to represent our members. 

We encourage our members to share experiences and to discuss the issues facing directors with us. 

The Directors UK Board and team are passionate about representing your views. Your insight is key to informing our plans and priorities, and helps shape how we allocate time and resources in order to tackle the issues that matter to you as directors.    

Town Halls 

Town Halls are a regular event in our calendar. They are our opportunity to come together, share experiences and connect as a community of directors. 

We host two Town Halls a year; one in London in Spring, and one outside of London in Autumn. Both are also accessible remotely. 

Hosted by your fellow members on the Board and our CEO Andy Harrower, we hear from you about the realities of your lives as directors, and update you on the work we’re doing. 

We welcome and encourage all members to attend and participate. 

Staying in touch with us 

Town Halls aren’t the only moment for members to connect with the Board, who are available throughout the year.  

The Board has representatives for key areas of concern. They are your first point of contact and can feed your thoughts back to the full Board and the team.  

Members can find out more about getting in touch with the Board and their reps here

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