BBC Residuals

In 2006, Directors UK signed an agreement with the BBC to take over the administration of residuals due to freelance directors and producers of BBC programmes made under their 1976 and 1984 union agreements.

Directors UK administers payments for programme sales. These agreements also gave an entitlement to payment for repeat transmissions and VHS/DVD. Please see below for further details.

If you have any queries regarding payments for sales under this scheme, please contact the Directors UK distribution team on 020 7240 0009 or [email protected].

For any queries concerning payments for DVD sales under this scheme please contact the BBC at [email protected].

For any queries about repeat transmissions please contact IBM at [email protected].

Please be aware – sales, repeat transmissions and DVD sales for works made after 2001 are not covered under the BBC residual scheme but are covered under the Directors UK Distribution scheme

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