Distribution FAQs

When will I receive payments collected for my works?

Payments are issued in our regular distributions held four times per year – you can view the Distributions timetable here.

For new members we hold additional distributions whenever possible, so you are not waiting too long for your outstanding payments. These are held roughly every two months.

Do I have to be a member in order to receive payments for my works?

Yes. The payments we collect are based on agreements we have negotiated with the broadcasters and other societies, and these agreements are made on behalf of our members only.

What types of payment does Directors UK distribute?

Under the UK Distribution Scheme we allocate payments for UK and international sales, repeat transmissions and DVD sales of programmes commissioned by the UK broadcasters. 

Under the Foreign Distribution Scheme we collect payments for private copying and cable/satellite retransmissions in the rest of Europe. The payments are collected from our sister society within each country, and each society’s distribution will vary depending on the rules and agreements they have in place.

Am I eligible to receive payment for my programmes or films?

Only Directors UK members are eligible for payments from our distribution schemes. However, if you are a member of a directors’ society in another country, please let us know.

Productions that meet all the following criteria are eligible under our UK Distribution Scheme:

  • Programmes commissioned by a signatory broadcaster to the UK Rights Deal (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five, S4C and BSkyB)
  • Programmes produced after 1st July 2001
  • Programmes not made under a staff contract issued by a UK Broadcaster

Directors of an eligible programme would qualify for payment if they are credited as a principal director according to our hierarchy. Feature Films are not covered under the UK scheme. 

Under the Foreign Distribution Scheme the restrictions mentioned above do not apply, however eligibility of works is determined by the individual distribution schemes of the foreign society reporting to us.

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