Published on: 23 August 2012 in Longform

Edit Producers: have your say!

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Last month’s AGM played host to a lively discussion about the recent rise of the edit producer, with members expressing a view that this newly established role undermines the authority of the director in the editing process, and in some cases has led to the banishment of directors altogether.

Several members had examples of their own to share with their peers. Gavin Searle (pictured right), a member working in factual, was unable to attend that evening but read the AGM report in our newsletter, and decided to write to us to air his views on the subject.

Gavin’s piece, in which he speaks out against this development and explains why he believes it to be to the detriment of quality television production, can be read here. Now we would like to hear from other members about this: have you been displaced in favour of an edit producer? What was your reaction to this? What impact is it having on you and on programme-making in the UK? What do you think directors and Directors UK should do to stop this becoming more widespread?

We’d love to hear from you, so please post your thoughts below or underneath Gavin’s letter here. Please note you'll need to login first (at the top of this page), then revisit this page or the letter written by Gavin and scroll to the text box at the bottom.

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