Published on: 04 March 2021 in Industry

Coronavirus: Advice for Directors UK members

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COVID-19, a type of coronavirus, has affected countries around the world including the UK. As well as potentially affecting your physical health, it has disrupted everyday working practices — particularly for those working in a freelance capacity.

Below we have compiled expert resources and advice on dealing with the virus, from both health and employment standpoints. We continue to monitor the situation and will update members as and when we have any further advice specific to directors and freelancers.

As a preventative measure, Directors UK made the decision to close our offices in March 2020. All our staff are working from home and can be contacted via email as normal. We ask that you please contact Directors UK via email wherever possible, so we can ensure that your query is dealt with promptly.

While there are a number of financial support schemes available to freelancers, and Directors UK welcomes these schemes, it remains the case that many of our members and other self-employed workers are still being overlooked – in particular, self-employed workers operating as Ltd companies and those earning above a certain amount. Alongside our partners within the industry, we continue to lobby the Government and make the case for more wide-ranging support. We will update our members on this issue throughout the pandemic.

If you have any questions that aren’t addressed by the below, please email us at [email protected].

Industry recovery

  • Directors UK have published Working Under COVID: Advice for Factual Directors, which provides a framework for safety across all levels of production during the pandemic. Find out more and download a copy here.  
  • The British Film Commission have produced return-to-work guidelines for film and high-end TV production that have also been approved by the Government. These guidlines are “advisory not mandatory” and include proposals such as providing COVID-19 safety training for all crew, taking each crew member’s temperature twice a day, and having a dedicated supervisor for each production.
  • The broadcasters and Pact have prepared some general TV production guidelines, giving top-level recommendations for returning to work, including measures such as reducing the number of people required on site, making editorial changes to increase distances between cast and participants, and putting in place additional health precautions. They have also produced an additional guideline document following the relaxation of the 2-metre rule.

Urgent Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance — Nation/Region Specific

Have Your Say

Russell England

There appears to be provision for freelancers and self-employed in yesterday's legislation. What's Directors UK take on this?

Directors UK

Hi Russell - Thank you for your query. This is something we support, but it’s a proposed amendment so not yet in the law. We are watching all the developments very closely and will keep members informed of anything definite.

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