Published on: 08 February 2024 in Industry

Directors UK Vice-Chair Anna Thomson to sit on Advisory Committee for Edinburgh TV Festival

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This week, the Advisory Committee for the 2024 Edinburgh TV Festival was announced, and it includes Directors UK Vice-Chair Anna Thomson.

At previous Town Hall meetings, you shared with us a deep concern that the craft of directing is under threat and that the role of the director is being eroded. By building our presence at industry showcases, festivals and events, we can build a stronger voice for directors. With Anna sitting on the Committee, we will have active representation at this key festival, and can ensure directors are at the heart of important conversations with industry decision-makers. 

Anna said: “I am thrilled to have this opportunity to champion the role of the director. As well as highlighting the invaluable insights, knowledge, expertise and craft that directors bring to television making, I will be able to share the difficulties that so many of us are facing in our working lives, and push for a programme that reflects, and hopefully addresses, some of these challenges.”

Made up of 35 TV industry professionals, the Advisory Committee works alongside the Creative Director and Advisory Chair, contributing their expertise and sector knowledge to ensure a timely and relevant programme that responds to the needs of the industry. 

Find out more about this year’s Edinburgh TV Festival.

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