Published on: 26 April 2019 in Industry

World Intellectual Property Day: your copyright packs a punch

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Your intellectual property is protected in law by copyright, and that copyright packs a punch — just ask the companies that try to water it down.

Today is World Intellectual Property Day, raising awareness of intellectual property and its importance for creators worldwide. However, to see an example of the power of Intellectual Property as protected by copyright, you only need to look back to last month. In March, something amazing happened. For two years ordinary directors, screenwriters and creators of all stripes had been fighting against some of the world’s most wealthy and well-known tech companies for a fairer copyright framework. Then, on March 26, the creators won.

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, including creative works, and is protected in law by copyright. As a director, you are an author of your work and have copyright in its finished form. Of course, this being the film and TV industry, things get a bit more complicated than that — and you can watch our explainer video above to find out more — but the key thing is that your copyright has value. And when we work together, that collective value can overcome even the most powerful companies from across the Atlantic. 

But we do have to work together. The fight for fairer copyright in Europe would not have been successful without the solidarity of authors’ organisations such as FERA, the SAA and the FSE, or without the passion of the creators who signed petitions, contacted their MEPs and got their peers to do the same. 

We need to take that same spirit of unity and use it to protect the future of your rights. Media landscapes are changing, and powerful new broadcasters and platforms are at large. With our Directors Licensing Scheme, we hope to harness the remarkable power of your copyright and use it to fight for your rights in an uncertain future.

The victory for copyright reform in Europe shows what can be achieved against the odds, when we all work towards a common goal. But to reach a more secure tomorrow, we need to work together now. So, if you’re a Directors UK member and you haven’t read about our Directors Licensing Scheme already, please find out more here — and please pass it on to fellow members who might not be aware. Your copyright is powerful — don’t let it go to waste.

Find out more about World Intellectual Property Day. 

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