Published on: 23 October 2017 in Industry

Directors UK statement on tackling abuse, bullying and sexual harassment

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Following a discussion at the Directors UK Viewfinder event on Saturday 21 October, Directors UK have released a statement in light of recent disturbing revelations about abuse, bullying and sexual harassment within the film industry.

“We condemn any form of harassment, abuse, bullying and sexual assault within the film and television industry; such behaviour is unacceptable and must not be tolerated in our profession, on any level.

As the association of screen directors we will work independently and in partnership with key industry organisations to ensure this attitude and behaviour is eliminated. We are aware of several industry initiatives and will support and work with them to actively tackle abuse and the abusers.

Directors play a key role – as the creative lead of a production – and can help create a safe and supportive working environment for cast and crew. Our own behaviour and attitudes must be reflective and respectful of others and the law, to ensure that there is no place for abusive behaviour on our productions or within the industry.

Directors UK continues to be committed to equality on productions. We have called for better representation of women both on and off screen. Our report, commissioned in 2016, highlighted the gender imbalance in production crews and senior management roles, and the challenges women face when developing their career in film and television.

We urgently need greater equality and diversity in employment to help create a more inclusive and balanced industry and to eliminate abusive behaviour and attitudes.”

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This is well overdue. In an industry where most jobs go on personal recommendations and words in ears - largely unnacoubtable for its hiring and firing processes, senior established figures can wield undue power over those below.

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