Published on: 15 March 2013 in Campaigns

Directors UK and BBC in partnership to improve work opportunities for women directors

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Directors UK and the BBC have announced an iniative to improve career opportunities for women directors in film and television.

As part of their ongoing working partnership with Directors UK, the BBC has appointed Talent Executive Jo Hatley to lead on research amongst internal commissioners, producers and senior decision makers, to explore factors contributing to the relatively low numbers of women directing BBC produced programmes.

The move is a result of Directors UK’s strategy to work with broadcasters and production houses to explore ways of increasing the number of women working as directors across film and television.

BBC Controller of Production Talent Ian Critchley confirmed, “This work addresses how best to improve our position on female directors; the aim is to devise a simple action plan that is deliverable and sustainable based on some of our success stories”.

Directors UK CEO Andrew Chowns welcomed the partnership:

“It is clear from our own research and from reports from our members that there is under‐representation of women directors in certain TV production genres. We want to find out why this is happening and to see what can be done to remove any unfair barriers to fair opportunities. We think it is happening with all producers, and the best way to tackle this is in partnership with them, so I am pleased that we are working with the BBC and that we will come up with some practical and effective action”.

The research will take place during April and May 2013.

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