Published on: 20 April 2023 in Industry

Directors Digest — Thursday 20 April

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Millions of pounds in lottery funding have been slated for training and skills development in the screen sector, while a report shows billions were generated by the Government’s Film and TV production restart scheme. Elsewhere, there’s Lindsay Anderson at 100 and Lorene Scarafia on directing the latest Succession.

Photo: Screen/Alamy.
Photo: Screen/Alamy.

UK distributors have called for an overhaul of BBFC Fee structures, which they describe as “stifling”. (Screen)

The Government’s Film and TV production restart scheme boosted the economy by £2.3bn according to a BFI report. (Screen)

Meanwhile, the BFI is setting out £9.6 million of lottery funding over three years to support training and skills development, via The Hollywood Reporter.

The Guardian recontextualizes the work of the legendary director Lindsay Anderson and asks: what would he make of Britain today?

Photo: HBO
Photo: HBO

“Building a film production is such a careful balancing act informed by politics and ethics and morals, that you can’t help representing your own politics as a filmmaking team.” So says director Daniel Godhaber in a recent Little White Lies interview for his film How to Blow Up A Pipeline.

Broadcast looks at the use of handheld in director James Reed’s new Netflix series, Chimp Empire.

TV producers are increasingly looking to indie film for funding and distribution models. (The Hollywood Reporter)

And finally – we’ve all caught up with the latest episode of Succession by now, so it’s the perfect time to read about director Lorene Scarafia’s work behind the scenes shooting the Roys. (Vulture)

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