Published on: 01 March 2012 in Campaigns

Chowns and Sturridge show support for TV tax breaks to Broadcast

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Directors UK Chair Charles Sturridge and CEO Andrew Chowns have spoken in favour of proposed UK tax breaks in television, as reported in this week’s edition of Broadcast magazine (1st March).

Television tax breaks has become a hot topic in the industry, and this week it was reported that the Department of Culture, Media and Sport had written to the Treasury last week to give their support to the proposal.

Lobbying groups, including Directors UK have previously argued that tax breaks are essential to safeguard the future of high-end British-made productions, after high profile productions such as Julian Fellowes’ Titanic and Stephen Poliakoff’s Parade’s End opted to shoot abroad. A research report looking at the economic benefits of a UK TV Tax Credit has been produced by consultancy firm RSM Tenon and Wiggin Law firm. 

Speaking to Broadcast, Charles (below left) said: “It’s crucial that the government – and tax payer – believe they are able to put money into something that makes a difference – not just something that is a handout to one industry above another. That is what we are working on now.”

Andrew (below) said: “DCMS said there needs to be a strong economic argument to swing it. We think the report has made the case – it cuts straight through to the things the Treasury has most keenly on its mind.”

As Broadcast reports, Directors UK is writing to the DCMS supporting the RSM Tenon report and giving examples where there has been “no creative reason” for a production being transported overseas other than “chasing tax credits”.

For the full story on television tax breaks, visit the Broadcast website. If you’re a member, and would like to voice your opinion about this issue, why not leave a comment here below? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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