Published on: 01 March 2013 in Campaigns

Watch: CEO Andrew Chowns speaks at CMS Committee

Reading time: 57 seconds

Earlier this week Andrew appeared as a witness at the Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport’s evidence sessions on support for the creative industries.

Directors UK appeared alongside the BFI and British Screen Advisory Council, and Andrew championed the need to keep the creative individual at the heart of legislative change. His comments provide a much-needed reflection for government on how decisions made on behalf of industry can impact adversely on the individual.

Andrew explained (amongst other things) how the current tax system discriminates against directors through encouraging employers to issue 9 month long contracts, as a means of avoiding putting directors and other freelancers on staff payrolls. He cited how business is more fired up by IP theft than creative individuals themselves, because at the moment creatives don’t reap their due rewards from their work in the same way that businesses do – and if they did, screen directors and others would ‘stand shoulder to shoulder’ in protest against piracy.

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