Published on: 30 October 2015 in Directors UK

New Directors UK elections coming soon

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We will be holding a new round of elections in early 2016 to fill a number of Board and Committee positions. 

Amanda McGlynn, the former Nations and Regions Representative for Scotland, has had to step down due to work and personal commitments. As this was an elected position we will be holding a by-election to replace her.

We will be electing a Chair of the TV Fiction Committee. If you are interested in the issues affecting directors working within TV fiction then please attend the TV Fiction Open Meeting on Thursday 19 November.

These two positions will be open to Full and Distribution Members only.

We will also be electing:

  • A representative for Associate Members of Directors UK
  • A representative for Estate Members of Directors UK

These individuals will join the Board and will help represent all areas of the Directors UK membership, in compliance with our new Articles of Association.

If you are interested in standing for any of these positions and would like further information, please contact us at [email protected]. There will be a formal call for candidates in the New Year.

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