One of you, many of us.
The Nations and Regions

As part of the recent Directors UK Board elections we asked you to vote for 4 brand new representatives to serve the needs of directors living and working in the Nations and Regions. You elected Karen KellyPhilippa Collie Cousins, Otto Bathurst and Illy Hill to represent Scotland, Wales, South West England and North West England respectively.

We know that as directors you can often find yourself working all over the country, and so rather than choose a representative for you based on your postal address, we wanted to take the time to introduce you to all four Nations and Regions Reps.

You can find contact details below for each of them, so if you ever want to raise an issue concerning the Nation or Region they represent then please feel free to get in touch.

Directors UK is committed to representing directors from all over the country, and your Nations and Regions Representatives will help us to do that in a more effective and comprehensive way than ever before.

Representative for Scotland: Karen Kelly

Representative for Wales: Philippa Collie Cousins

Representative for South West England: Otto Bathurst

Representative for North West England: Illy Hill