Published on: 04 January 2012 in Industry

Labour seeks feedback from those working in creative industries

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New Shadow Culture Minister Dan Jarvis MP is seeking feedback from those working in the creative industries to inform the Labour Party’s ‘Vision for Growth of the Creative Industries’.

Having spent the past few months meeting people across the industry, Dan said:

‘The Creative Industries are a key part of the fabric of our communities – from our local theatre groups, to the video games we play at home, to the cinema and gigs we visit with our friends and family. During the course of our meetings, it has also become clear that whilst Britain is a world leader in this field, there is still significant potential for growth and improvement, especially within certain areas of the industry.’

‘A number of topics keep reoccurring and as a result we will be working on a “Vision for Growth for the Creative Industries” with you, and colleagues, over the coming months.’

His office are therefore seeking input from those employed in the creative industries, to spend a few minutes answering questions on the key issues in facing the sector, and to highlight any additional research and issues which they believe the review should take into account.

The full list of questions can be found here. Should you wish to participate, please forward your responses to Dan’s assistant, Kamella Hopkins, before Tuesday 31st January 2012 at [email protected]

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