Published on: 07 November 2012 in Industry

Industry Trust launch quiz

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The Industry Trust has launched online movie quiz 'Moments Worth Paying For', as part of enables fans to locate films across six different formats including cinema, TV, DVD, downloads and Blu-ray. The site works with the BFI, the Industry Trust, and exhibitors, distributors and retailers, to promote legally available films - making high-quality, legal viewing a top priority.

'Moments Worth Paying For' was launched last week by BAFTA Rising Star Adam Deacon. Challengers are asked to guess the name of ten iconic films in the fastest possible time with the assistance of some helpful clues. Users can then post their score on to Facebook or Twitter, although the less film-literate may wish to keep it to themselves...

You can find out more about on their Facebook page, and try the quiz for yourself here:

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