Published on: 30 May 2019 in Industry

Have you checked the AMPS directory?

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The Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS) is a craft guild that represents the best in UK Film, Television and Game sound.

With over 500 members, it represents highly-qualified sound experts — including Production Sound Mixers, Sound Editors and Designers, Re-Recording mixers and many more. Now, if you’re looking for an AMPS member to join your latest project, there’s a great way to find the right person for you — the AMPS directory.

High qualifying standards are set for the various categories of AMPS membership; Full membership requires a minimum of six years’ experience in a recognised role and only Full Members are permitted to use the suffix AMPS on their credits. All other levels of membership require varying years of experience in a recognised operational role with screen credits.

You can search the directory through the Directory Search or search by clicking on a Craft or Grade using the pull-down list which will bring up all the people listed in that section. You can narrow the search more by using the Find a Professional box below and use the Availability feature if you are looking for someone on a specific date.

Search the AMPS directory today.

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