Published on: 26 September 2012 in Industry

European organisations sign declaration on private copying

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A number of European organisations representing creators have signed a declaration on private copying remuneration, in response to “systematic attacks” from the companies which market copying devices.

The organisations, which include the SAA (Society for Audiovisual Authors) and FERA (Federation of European Directors), both of which Directors UK are members of, stated that they felt compelled “to give a reminder of why private copying combined with fair remuneration remains essential”.

The organisations, representing authors, performers and producers of musical, audiovisual, literary and visual arts works, declare:

Rightsholders have a right to authorise all reproduction of their works but have accepted reasonable exceptions to this right in the interest of the public and practicality provided they received remuneration for such acts. Rightsholders deserve to be fairly and proportionally remunerated for their work and all uses thereof. Private copying generates an essential part of rightsholders’ remuneration. Remuneration payable on the copying media and devices is the best way of linking the act of making private copies to the payment of remuneration to rightsholders. The current remuneration system, as applied in most European countries, is not intrusive and preserves the privacy of consumers.

To read the declaration in full, click Download below.

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