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Directors UK talks to...BRITDOC: read an excerpt from our interview

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Welcome to the first of a brand new Directors UK feature, in which we speak to organisations able to offer funding, opportunities and advice to directors looking to get ahead.


First up is BRITDOC, the documentary producer behind such hits as The Yes Men Fix the World and The End of the Line. Below is just an extract from the full conversation we had with the organisation. To find out more about the foundation, what they look for when considering projects, and how best for a director to approach them, members can click here.

Directors UK: Please tell us a little bit about the work and ethos of BRITDOC…

BRITDOC: BRITDOC are a friendly bunch. We’re a not for profit film foundation supported by Channel 4, PUMA and Bertha Foundation. Our mission is to enable the very best independent documentary filmmaking around the world.

At our core we are a film funder – we’ve supported 120 feature docs to date. We are also a media think tank developing innovating sustainable new models of production & distribution and leading the development of tools to measure the social impact of film. Another fruit of our labour is partnership building, connecting great films to organizations who can use them. The main hub for this activity is our Good Pitch initiative – an international training and pitching event for filmmakers, broadcasters, NGO’s, Brands and government agencies.

D-UK: What criteria do you use when deciding who to work with, and what to work on?

BRITDOC: We have four main funds, each with differing criteria but with a central aim to support independent one off documentaries made by filmmakers who show passion and creative vision. You can read about the criteria of our funds here: They cover development, production, completion and outreach.

D-UK: Is there anything you’re looking to do more of at BRITDOC, or new areas you’re hoping to explore?

BRITDOC: As a media think tank we’re always looking to explore new means of supporting documentary, from development to distribution to outreach. We’re not solely focused on British projects, we want to work with the best documentary films internationally.

Members can read the full article here.

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