Published on: 22 December 2011 in Industry

Directors UK submits response to BBC Delivering Quality First Consultation

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Directors UK has submitted its response to the BBC Trust’s Consultation on the ‘Delivering Quality First’ proposals put forward by the BBC.    Our response highlights the need to engage with and consult the creative community in order to deliver the BBC’s quality and savings objectives.

Delivering Quality First is the BBC's plan for how it can best deliver the highest quality programmes and content to audiences until the end of the Charter in 2017, whilst reducing costs.  It follows the freezing of the licence fee settlement to 2017 and the BBC assuming new funding responsibilities, including for the World Service, S4C, BBC Monitoring and local TV and broadband.  To fulfil this settlement Mark Thompson has set a savings target of 20%.  DQF outlines how the BBC proposes to achieve this through a range of productivity and scope savings.

Directors UK’s response supports the proposals to find cuts from expenditure in areas other than programme content, and offers to assist the BBC in identifying how productivity savings can best be achieved without damaging quality.  Directors UK emphasises the need to engage with, nurture and support creative talent, such as directors, in order to fulfil their quality objectives and to be able to protect and deliver their five editorial priorities.  To read Directors UK’s full response click here.

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