Published on: 05 May 2022 in Industry

Directors Digest — Thursday 5 May

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An independent body for bullying and harassment comes closer to fruition, a major new UK studio enters the scene and BBC Film and London Film School get new directors. Read all about it below. 

The UK Film and TV industry is moving closer to developing an independent body for bullying and harassment, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

A major new studio is set to open in High Wycombe, with a Hollywood Feature already booked in for later this year. (Deadline)

Film and TV mental health expert Matt Longley outlines 10 steps on how you can protect the mental health of your workers now. (BECTU)

Eva Yates has been named director of BBC film. (Screen)

Meanwhile, the London Film School has appointed Peter Holliday as interim director. (Screen)

Vulture interviews director Hanna Bergholm about her upcoming horror feature, Hatching.

Director Justin Kerrigan and actor John Sim look back on how they made Human Traffic. (Guardian)

And finally, The Guardian looks at how film depictions of abortion have changed over time

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