Published on: 16 January 2019 in Industry

Directors Digest — 16 January 2019

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Inappropriate insurers, price hikes at Netflix, a dispute between the Academy and SAG, and every single thing that Steven Soderbergh has watched or read. It’s all in today’s Directors Digest. 


Female directors are behind 48.6% of the projects at the Berlinale production market, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Steven Soderbergh provides an exhaustive list of everything he watched (and read) in 2018. (Extension 765)

Cannes Film Festival has revealed its selection committee for 2019. (Screen)

Meanwhile, a row has broken out between the Academy and the Screen Actors Guild over perceived pressure on actors to appear at the Oscars. (Guardian


We are calling for an end to inappropriate insurer practices. Read about our stance on a problem affecting freelancers through the industry on our website, and in Broadcast.

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that new Apple services will be coming this year — prompting many to suggest this could be the much-awaited TV service. (The Verge)

Streaming platforms need to rethink their autoplay settings for TV ShowsIndieWire argues.

Windfall Films has reorganised its senior management team. (Televisual)

Meanwhile, Netflix has set its biggest price hike to date. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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