Published on: 11 June 2012 in Industry

Creative England launches Elevator skills programme

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Creative England has announced the launch of its Elevator skills programme for film producers, directors and writer/directors from across the UK.

Creative England, the organisation which supports creative and digital companies across the English regions, will provide 15 award-winning makers of live action, documentary or animated shorts with the opportunity to make the leap to feature films via its Elevator programme.

According to the Creative England website:

"It will see producers, directors and writer/directors who have won recognition from one or more top international film festivals* learn how to maximise the attendant industry interest and progress from short to long-form films.

"By taking part in the Elevator programme, they will be able to access high level training courses and talent labs, mentoring, professional shadowing, industry networking support as well as assistance to attend industry markets and festivals. Each package of help will run for up to six months, with an additional six to seven months added on to review progress and offer further advice."

For more on the Elevator skills programme, and how to apply, click here.

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