Published on: 11 October 2019 in Industry

Brexit: advice from around the industry

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Brexit. The subject of seemingly never-ending debate and speculation, with circumstances changing by the day. But whatever your view on the eventual outcome, the UK’s proposed departure from the EU will have a significant impact on the creative industries.

With so little clarity surrounding the nature of our exit from the EU, it can be difficult to make concrete arrangements or offer advice. However, there are some online sources offering their expertise to help the creative industries – with a few points that directors may want to look out for.


The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have released a checklist for those working in broadcast and media, focusing on the consequences of leaving the EU without a deal. You can read the checklist here.

Opinions on the usefulness of this checklist might vary, but there are two key points to check:

Step 1  Check if your employees need a visa or work permit and meet any requirements for their profession to work in the country they’re going to.

You or your employees may not be able to enter or work in some countries without the right visa or permit. Read the guidance: Providing services to any country in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland after Brexit

As well as:

Step 3  Check what you need to do to make sure you can travel through the border of the country you are visiting.

You and your employees may not be allowed to enter the EU if you cannot show you meet immigration rules. Read the guidance: Visit Europe after Brexit.

The government have also recently outlined how Brexit will affect broadcasting and video on-demand if there’s no Brexit deal. Read more.


The BFI has helpfully produced an online Q&A for the creative industries, addressing queries related to Brexit in the event of leaving both with or without a deal. These are updated semi-regularly.

Read the BFI’s guide to leaving with a deal (Last updated 5 September 2019).

Read the BFI’s guide to leaving without a deal (Last updated 10 October 2019).

Creative Industries Federation

The Creative Industries Federation website is a great resource for those looking for advice in the screen sector and wider creative industries – including stage and music. In addition to the DCMS and BFI sources mentioned above, they have collected information from the ICO, Creative Europe and Scottish Government. You can read their resource page here.

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