Based in London since 2009, I'm a Brazilian-British-Italian independent director currently developing my second feature film, as well as writing and directing short films.

My journey into film started in São Paulo first as an assistant director then moving onto directing commercials through music videos.
During these early years my desire to learn how to direct actors took me to perform as part of a theatre group, which gave me experience of the actor's perspective. Later on I went on to study acting at Fatima Toledo's School, known for its coaching the visceral performances in the City of God and Elite Squad, and I continued this development work in London. Working closely with actors in the building of a character is something that has always fascinated me.

In my first few years in London I also worked as a camera operator and editor across a wide variety of projects from narrative to documentary, which helped developing my visual language as a director.

In the U.S., Brazil and Europe, I've directed narrative, commercials, TV/WEB content, dance films and music videos.


Box For Rob, A 1 episode View
Series   Role Year
-   Director 2010

Other Credits

Green Door dance short film View
Description Year
A visual approach to dance therapy presents a poetic portrait of human conflicts. 2011
Shaped dance short film View
Description Year
A female creature whose challenges are sensed before she is even born confronts her fate. 2014
Line dance short film View
Description Year
An artist's final act in the London underground could last forever. 2015
Limited Spaces dance short film View
Description Year
The limits of Berlin take two girls into the journey of exploring space, movement and emotion. 2012
Trigger short film View
Description Year
When two friends journey takes an unexpected turn nobody can predict how events will turn out. Especially when nothing is as it seems. 2022



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