Keith Wilhelm Kopp is an award-winning film director based in Bath, UK. He is interested in themes relating to transformation, redemption and family dynamics. His films have screened in film festivals globally and has had selected works broadcast in the UK. He is currently developing his first feature film with the BFI Network.

Other Credits

Gage Short Film View
Description Year
In 1848, Phineas Gage suffers an unspeakable brain injury when a tamping rod plunges through his skull, causing dramatic shifts in his personality. His physician Dr Harlow watches over his recovery and must choose whether or not to fight for this outcasts place in the local community. [Drama, Western 15:38] 2014
Our Night Short Film View
Description Year
On the eve of going to war, a young soldier Matty meets his lover Kim for one last night of passion. As the night unfolds, and their uniforms come off, the truth about how they feel emerges. [Drama, Romance 7:15] 2017
Scavenger Short Film View
Description Year
In the aftermath of a brutal conflict a militia-woman Abbie awakes to a haunting new reality. Can she face the loss of her innocence to survive? [War, Fantasy 5:05] 2017
Turned to the Sun Short Film View
Description Year
Ben is janitor who is running away from his past as a soldier. He finds himself entangled in a metaphorical fight with his young self for the fate of his future. Can he break the chains of his trauma to live freely or forever be overshadowed by his demons? [Drama, Visual Poetry 3:23] 2018
The Here and Now Short Film View
Description Year
Two strangers share an unusual moment at a bus stop. [Drama 1:30] 2011
Those who are left Short Documentary View
Description Year
Those Who Are Left explores whether or not forgiveness is possible in the context of war, after blood is shed and lives are forever altered. The film is a historical retrospective of three individuals who were on opposing sides of war and their experiences in it. [War Documentary 25:37] 2013


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