I'm an award winning documentary filmmaker and Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking with a PhD in cinema of migration from the University of Oxford. My documentary work is centered around the representation of otherness: indigenous cultures in North Thailand, Nepal and India; men as warriors in Basha Miao Village (China); women and babies in prison and the migrant identity. My most recent work—shot in India—has won several awards including the 'Urban Award' at Still Awards 2020 (Ireland) and 'Best International Documentary Photograph' at Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, 2019. My documentaries have been screened at international film events across the world including Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Mexico, India and the United States.


Last Warriors, The 1 episode View
Series   Role Year
-   Director 2016
Bye Bye Bunny 1 episode View
Series   Role Year
-   Director 2009

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Babies Behind Bars Short-film View
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Set in a female prison unit in the city of Rome, Babies Behind Bars tells the story of newborns and toddlers kept in the care of their imprisoned mothers. Forced to spend the first years of their lives behind prison bars, children are separated from their inmate mothers soon after their birthday. To gladden children's hearts, a generous group of volunteers takes the babies out of prison every weekend for a day saturday of freedom. Filmed from the POV of the inmates and the volunteers, the film portraits the natural desire of freedom against the vital need for motherly love. Due to distribution agreements, Babies Behind Bars ​is not available online. 2007
Voiceless Reel Short-film View
Description Year
Veteran projectionist Graham Lee recalls his experiences of the hidden world of cinema in a documentary produced by Valentina Ippolito. He recounts his cinematic experiences as part of Voiceless Reel, a documentary about 3D projection technology. The film encapsulates Graham’s passion for the cinema as he talks about its history and how technology has affected the way in which we receive, consume or engage with films. Hypnotic shots of rotating reels unfold the busy workday of Graham - a 3D cinema projectionist who works at the state-of-the-art Giant Screen at Millennium Point, Birmingham 2010



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