Born and raised in Singapore, London based, 30 years’ experience in TV production, both independently and at the BBC & Channel 4. Following an early background in graphic design, I now direct and produce a range of TV documentaries and content. Filmography: ‘The Last Man on the Moon’ ‘Ball & Chain’ “Jim Clark – The Quiet Champion” “Junk Mail Britain” “Graham Hill – Driven” “Talk to Me” “Jackie Stewart – The Flying Scot” “Naked in Blackpool” “Iwan Thomas - Second is Nowhere” “Jaguar - The Big Cats” 

Other Credits

2012 Bahrain International Air Show - The Pride and the Passion Corporate Documentary View
Description Year
A behind the scenes look at what it takes to plan and run a major international airshow. 2012
The Big Time Short Film View
Description Year
Set in 1960, a young Liverpool drummer named Stan becomes entangled in a series of events that results in him missing a big audition for a hot new band! 2002
Comfy Slippers Music Video View
Description Year
Music video featuring mostly drama elements for Johnny Wore Black 2015
Who the F*** is Swifty B? Music Video View
Description Year
Wacky and amusing autobiographical promo for DJ and spoken word artist Swifty B 2014
Lithium Baby Music Video View
Description Year
Slightly disturbing, real-event inspired promo for Homewrecker (Steve Zeffert & Beulah Bell) 2007
Pictures Music promo View
Description Year
Music promo for German jazz artist Ada Morghe - filmed at Abbey Road Studios. 2018



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  • Self-shooting
  • SFX
  • CGI
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