Santiago is a Colombian film director based in London. He has focused his career on exploring film, music and transmedia narratives. His artistic production includes the direction of five short films, over ten music videos, two multimedia art exhibitions, one illustrated book, and three TV commercials for the NHS. Santiago has a BA in Graphic Design, an MA in Documentary Filmmaking from the Colombian University UPB and an MA in Audio Production from the University of Westminster.

In his documentary “La Mirada Desnuda” (2020) he depicts the story of one of the most violent cities in the world during the 90s, Medellin. La Mirada Desnuda was selected and premiered for the FICCI 2020 (Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias), and won the Best Documentary Short Film prize at the Festival de Cine de Jardín.

Currently he works as a creative director at Eagle London Agency in the UK, With them he is currently developing 3 new short films focused on Migration.

Other Credits

La Mirada Desnuda Documentary Short Film View
Description Year
Javier Mejía finds it hard to talk about that Medellín of the late 80s and early 90s from which Apocalipsur was born, one of the most iconic films about the then most violent city in the world. 2020
NHS / Gift of protection TV Commercial View
Description Year 2022
NHS / Did you know TV Commercial View
Description Year 2023
Blue Buttercream Short Film View
Description Year
During a session with her counsellor, a young woman with a chronic pain condition relives memories from her past and observes how her life has transformed because of her disease. 2023
ZOE Short film View
Description Year
Zoe searches for purpose and a means of replacing human connection after the population of cities becomes fragmented and regulated by Artificial Intelligence. Will she be able to maintain these new networks, or will they evolve beyond her? 2023
Vuelo Music Video View
Description Year
From the other side of the window, Eddy remembers the days of freedom before isolation. In a hypnotic sigh, he enters into a dream of a flight, two bodies that touch and mark each other, in a fluid dance. 2020
NHS / Time to Care TV Commercial View
Description Year 2023



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