Exceptionally focused and talented Screenwriter, Director and Producer working in Comedy-Action, genre and Drama. With a background as a stunt women and actress in a wide variety of Hollywood films. Passionate about directing and making female-driven stories that are as cinematic as they are funny, representative and have excellent jokes and headbutts. 

Other Credits

10 Minutes For A Pound Comedy Short Film View
Description Year
Pressures of life, combined with a spilt coffee, causes all hell to break loose at the laundromat. 2020
Lady Boner TV Pilot (Episode 1) View
Description Year
Tired of taking matters into her own hands- literally, a working-class Plumber’s life is thrown into utter turmoil when she finally leaks to her friends she can’t climax. 2022
Sticky Fingers Comedy Short Film View
Description Year
A pair of unlikely thieves have all the ingredients to pull off the perfect robbery to fund their new bakery business, but is stealing really worth the whisk? Starring Amit Shah & Jack Bradley 2023
The Last Dumpling Comedy Action Short Film View
Description Year
Two hungry men on a first date are faced with a awkward decision when only ONE dumpling remains on the plate. Will they feed each other or will they die trying? 2024



  • Self-shooting
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