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9 September 2019

Film the House, Parliament’s annual cross-party film competition, is open for entries — and for the first time it will feature an award for Best Film Direction, supported by Directors UK. 
Film the House is an annual competition based in parliament, geared towards finding new filmmaking talent. Now in its seventh year, the competition is also a valuable tool for educating creators on the importance of – and urgent need to protect - Intellectual Property. 
Every year the competition awards filmmakers in the Best Script and Best Short Film categories, but this year a new Directors UK award for Best Film Direction (one for under 16s and one for 16 and overs) has been added. 
Speaking about the new award, Directors UK Chair Steve Smith said:We’re delighted to be part of Film the House and to introduce a new award: The Directors UK Award for Best Film Direction. We look forward to being inspired by the submissions from all over the UK. So, to those budding auteurs out there with ambition and vision, we encourage you to pick up a camera – even the one on your phone - and start shooting.”
He added: “Film the House aims to raise awareness of the value of intellectual property for creators. For working freelance directors this is particularly important as the royalties generated from copyright are a vital source of income. At Directors UK our aim is to protect directors and their copyright, ensuring they can sustain careers and continue to make films for others to enjoy.”
Entries will be viewed by MPs before finalists are selected by industry experts. Winners will then be presented at a ceremony at the House of Commons. The deadline for submissions is December 19 2019.
Film the House is also supported by the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS), Disney, Lionsgate, The Motion Picture Association, Sky, Viacom and Warner Bros. Entertainment. 
More information can be found at

    About Directors UK
    Directors UK is the professional association of UK screen directors. It is a membership organisation representing the creative, economic and contractual interests of over 7,000 members - the majority of working TV and film directors in the UK. Directors UK collects and distributes royalty payments and provides a range of services to members including campaigning, commercial negotiations, legal advice, events, training and career development. Directors UK works closely with fellow organisations around the world to represent directors’ rights and concerns, promotes excellence in the craft of direction and champions change to the current landscape to create an equal opportunity industry for all.

    About Film the House
    Film the House was set up by former MP and IP adviser to the David Cameron, Mike Weatherley. The competition was set up to: “Educate parliamentarians about the importance of the creative industries to the British economy and how, without protecting intellectual property, we are putting important industries and revenue streams in jeopardy.”

    Film the House was launched as a fun way to educate parliamentarians and young people about the importance of the creative industries to the UK economy and the many ways in which we can nurture and protect our creative industries. It is now one of Parliament’s largest competitions and is just one of a number of initiatives that is aimed at significantly raising awareness of the need to protect creativity and copyright by bringing together young filmmakers and parliamentarians.

    Film the House is intended to showcase the ‘best’ filmmakers and scriptwriters from across the UK – with particular emphasis on young participants and people who have not yet been noticed and realised their potential. It is also a way for participants to meet their local MP and to learn a little more about how ‘Parliament in Westminster’ works. 

Charlie Coombes

Head of PR and Corporate Communications

[email protected]

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