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9 March 2021

Susanna White, Vice-Chair of Directors UK and BAFTA-winning director was involved in the consultations with the BAFTA 2020 Review Steering Group.

Speaking today, Susanna said:
“Today’s BAFTA film nominations are really refreshing; for the first time they feel like a true meritocracy. In contrast to what we have seen in the past, this list isn’t about films that have had the most money spent on their campaigns - this is about the BAFTA membership recognising craft and talent across the board.
The playing field has been levelled. If you look at the nominations list for Best Director four films are directed by women, three films are not in the English language, their budgets vary wildly - there are amazing films in there this year that might have been completely overlooked in the past; it is hard to pick your favourite, and that is very exciting for a cinema audience.
Rather than simply an event that precedes the Oscars, these nominations point to BAFTA carving out its own space in the conversation. We’re seeing stories getting recognised that are so different from what is traditionally promoted, and it feels like a massive breath of fresh air.”
Andy Harrower, Directors UK CEO added:

“The variety and vitality of the films that are nominated today is not just exciting, it is really significant. The films being celebrated are reflective of the changes that BAFTA have made to their voting processes, and we’re particularly heartened to see the breadth of directing talent that has been recognised.
It’s encouraging to see such significant strides towards change in such a short space of time. We know this has been an unusual year for filmmaking, but we are hopeful that the new systems in place will continue to have a positive impact for years to come. This commitment to change from such a major institution should pave the way for better representation in our industry.  
Directors UK is proud to have been part of the BAFTA 2020 Review and to see the outcome today is encouraging. We can make meaningful change when we work together.”

    About Directors UK
    Directors UK is the professional association of UK screen directors. It is a membership organisation representing the creative, economic and contractual interests of over 7,500 members – the majority of working TV and film directors in the UK. Directors UK negotiates rights deals and collects and distributes royalties to its members. It also campaigns and lobbies on its members’ behalf and provides a range of services including legal advice, events, training and career development. Directors UK works closely with fellow organisations around the world to represent directors’ rights and concerns, promotes excellence in the craft of direction and champions change to the current landscape to create an equal opportunity industry for all. 

Charlie Coombes

Head of PR and Corporate Communications

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