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4 March 2020

The Film the House 2019 winners were announced this week at the Film the House Awards ceremony at the House of Commons. The next generation of scriptwriters, directors and filmmakers were celebrated at an evening event attended by MPs, Lords and members of the film and television industry.

The competition is run annually by MPs in conjunction with industry professionals and provides a fun and innovative way to highlight the importance of intellectual property rights to both creators and MPs. This year’s competition received parliamentary sponsorship from Lord Clement-Jones, Giles Watling MP and Wes Streeting MP.

This year, the competition received entries from over 80 constituencies across the UK in a range of categories including Best Script and Best Short Film, with both under and over 16 categories. The competition also saw the addition of the Directors UK award for Best Film Direction for under and over 16s.

An expert industry panel of leading figures from across Britain’s creative landscape chose the finalists, including Jane Lamacraft, screenwriter; Helen Lederer, screenwriter; Kay Stonham, screenwriter; Bill Anderson, director; Lotus Hannon, director; Christine Lalla, director; Caroline D’Silva, MPA; Murray Perkins, British Board of Film Classification (BBFC); Charlotte Tudor, the Walt Disney Company; and Nigel Warner, MPA. Winners of the competition received prizes including mentoring from industry professionals, a private screening of their film for friends and family, and a certificate of classification by BBFC.

The competition enjoys widespread support from industry and is sponsored by Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS), Directors UK, Lionsgate, the Motion Picture Association (MPA), Sky, ViacomCBS, the Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

We’re delighted to announce that the winners of the Film the House 2019 competition are:

Best Film Script Under 16

Freya Hannan-MillsSwallow (Angela Eagle MP)
Jane Lamacraft, screenwriter and judge said: “Swallow is a sensitive and authentic piece of writing with rarely seen, clear-eyed honesty. We loved the evocative, poetic language and the writer’s command of different styles. A young writer with an old soul.

Best Film Script Over 16
Bertil Nilsson –
Repair (Meg Hillier MP)
Kay Stonham, screenwriter and judge said: “Repair is a subtle yet powerful piece of writing that gives us a vivid insight into the way the character experiences the world and forces us to confront how odd and unnatural some of our current habits are.”

Directors UK Best Film Direction Under 16
Morgan O'Connell –
Haven (Greg Hands MP)
Directors UK judges said: “Haven has such heart and a desire to communicate something other than what we have already seen. The film has an authorial vision that is passionate, inventive and bold which, accompanied by great framing and highly articulate use of the camera, deftly reveals a state of mind.

Directors UK Best Film Direction Over 16
Souvid Datta –
Gladiators on Wheels (Tulip Siddiq MP)
Directors UK judges said: “Gladiators on Wheels is a beautiful story, inventively told. We were all amazed by this unique film – it is visually stunning, with superb photography and excellent pacing that captures a visceral sense of adventure and exhilaration, but also the very human drama of overcoming fear.

Highly commended
Julien Cornwall –
The Lost Scot

Best Short Film Under 16
Freya Hannan-Mills –
Swallow (Angela Eagle MP)
Member of the judging panel Caroline D’Silva, Motion Picture Association, said: “Swallow is a simple concept, brilliantly executed, that captivates and draws you in emotionally and physically. Skillful cinematography and production design perfectly complement a powerful acting performance and script.”

Best Short Film Over 16
Lanre Malaolu –
The Circle (Meg Hillier MP)
Member of the judging panel Charlotte Tudor, the Walt Disney Company, said: “The Circle is a unique, intelligently shot and thought-provoking short film that combines documentary filming with a fluid and poetic narrative using movement and dance. It is moving and resonates deep to the core, and reminds us of the importance of friendship, community and brotherhood.”

Helen Lederer, writer, comedian and Film the House judge said:
It was a pleasure to be part of a competition that helps celebrate up-and-coming British film talent. Creative competitions like Film the House are an integral way for new creators to get involved in the industry while at the same time highlighting the importance of IP to MPs and creatives alike. Congratulations to the winners and shortlist of this year’s competition, we hope to see much more of you all in the future!

Lord Clement-Jones, Film the House sponsor, said:
Intellectual property (IP) is a vital way of making sure that creators are properly rewarded for the artistic works they produce. This is as true for film and other visual media as it is for books, fashion or music. Film the House is designed to highlight the importance we place in Parliament on IP and on good IP protection and enforcement. We hope that for their part, creators will respond by taking part in future Film the House competitions and demonstrate the huge audiovisual and writing talent that we have in this country.”


Charlie Coombes

Head of PR and Corporate Communications

[email protected]

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