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13 December 2018

BBC Drama and Directors UK are delighted to announce that the Continuing Drama New Directors’ Training Scheme is to run again, for a fourth year.  
Following the success of this collaboration since its inception in 2015, this year will see nine drama directors mentored on some of BBC Studios’ continuing drama series. In previous years this has included Doctors, EastEnders, River City, Holby City and Casualty.   
As part of their training, each director will observe and participate in the entire production process of an episode of a show, from pre to post production, and will ultimately take the helm for one full episode to gain a directing credit. The scheme also offers the possibility of employment after training, as there is an ambition for the series to hire directors within nine months for a full directorial commission if the director has shown that they can meet the standards required. 
The award-winning day time series, Doctors will be the first series to take submissions for the scheme. Applications will open on Thursday 13th December 2018 and the deadline is Monday 14th January 2019.   
The scheme is inviting applications from directors who have a genuine interest in Doctors and are passionate about developing their skills in continuing drama. Candidates are expected to demonstrate a solid knowledge of the drama, and it is open to anyone who meets the requirements of the scheme.
The selection panel will include Anne Edyvean, Head of BBC Writersroom; Simon Nelson, Development Executive, BBC Writersroom; and a team of experienced continuing drama TV directors along with BBC Producers and Executive Producers from Doctors.  
The Continuing Drama New Directors’ Training Scheme is funded by BBC Drama and Directors UK and is run by BBC Writersroom, with support from BBC Studios. Applications from BAME and female directors are encouraged as the industry recognises that both are currently under-represented within film and TV directing generally.  
Applications for other continuing drama series in the scheme will be rolled out at the start of 2019.  
More information about the scheme, full requirements and application details are available at the BBC website, via the link below. Deadline for applications is January 14th 2019 at 10am.


Victoria Morris

Director of Communications and Public Affairs

[email protected]

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