Published on: 31 January 2012 in Events

The Devils screening: let us know your thoughts!

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Directors UK were delighted to play host to a very special screening of The Devils last night (30th January). Ken Russell’s Director’s Cut version of the film has only ever been screened twice before, so it was a great honour for Directors UK to be able to give our members the chance to see it.

What’s more, not only were we able to screen the British classic - a film as controversial as it is revered – but we were most fortunate to be joined by some of the cast members of The Devils itself. Murray Melvin and Georgina Hale were both in attendance last night, as were Ken’s wife and his son.

Needless to say we were thrilled to play host to such an extraordinary screening, but we would love to hear the thoughts of those members who were there. What did you think of the film? Do you think it stands the test of time? Do you agree with the other members who have already posted their comments? All you need to do is click here and let us know your feedback.

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