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Self-shooting Masterclass: open to all

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Directors UK presents Self-shooting Masterclass with Tom Roberts and Henry Singer, an event open to members and non-members alike.

Tom Roberts (Founder of October Films,  pictured right) and Henry Singer (9/11: The Falling Man, pictured below left) host this informative masterclass on self-shooting for directors and shooting AP’s.

How To Be An Effective Self-Shooting Director

The self-shooting director or AP is often doing the job of cameraman, soundman, producer and director all by themselves.

Besides filming, they need to concern themselves with key issues of directing, such as character selection and development, preparing and conducting interviews, managing, observing or staging events and developing their story, all while covering it effectively.

This naturally means overload with many of these elements not being given the attention to detail or time they need.

So what to prioritise? How to manage competing demands? How can you improve your shooting while spending less time thinking about it? What should you accept responsibility for and where should you draw the line? In short, how can you maximise the advantages of a small camera and single crew instead of suffering from its limitations.

Tom Roberts and Henry Singer deliver this survival guide for self-shooting directors and AP’s to show you how to substantially improve your shooting and provide you with an introduction to handling your characters and story in the midst of the pressure of doing the jobs of four people.

Distilled over many years and with a focus on Self-Directing, this unique approach will teach you the essential skills that you need to be a more effective self-shooter. Delivered as part of Directors UK’s masterclass series for emerging directors and shooting AP's

DATE: Monday 27 February
TIME: 6:45pm arrival, finishes at 10pm
LOCATION: London Film School screening room, 24 Shelton Street, WC2H 9UB London
COST: FREE for full members, £10 for everyone else

Places are limited and on a first come first served basis. Supported by Shift 4.

To buy a ticket, click here.

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