Published on: 07 June 2016 in Industry

Screenwriting for Sustainability event from albert and the WGGB

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Join environmental experts and leading practitioners across film and television, as they explore how the industry’s story makers might take an educated and inspired position on climate change.

The evidence outlining human-induced climate change is unequivocal – the debate is how we respond to the challenges it presents us with. Whether the media industry seeks to move or mirror society will strongly influence our ability to combat climate change.

Join a panel of industry luminaries at this special event on Monday 20 June in London, organised by the BAFTA albert Consortium in partnership with the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.


Ben Stewart - Head of Special Projects, Greenpeace
Dawn King - Screenwriter, The Karman Line
Diederick Santer - Joint CEO, Kudos
Guy Hibbert - Screenwriter, Blood and Oil
Jeremy Leggett - Chair, Carbon Tracker
Jonathon Porritt - CBE Environmentalist
Peter Scarborough - Department of Population Health, Oxford University
Peter Webber - Director, Ten Billion  

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