Published on: 30 May 2024 in Industry

Representing you across the industry and in political circles

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Directors UK is continuing to work for directors behind the scenes, gathering the latest industry intelligence and representing members at a number of valuable meetings with the potential to impact decision-making at sector and Government levels.

Representing you in political circles

Last week, the Prime Minister called a Snap Election for Thursday 4 July, proroguing Parliament and sending politicians nationwide into campaign mode. Before that, Public Affairs Manager Niall Stewart attended the All Party Parliamentary Writers’ Group Spring Reception at the House of Commons, featuring Sir Chris Bryant — Labour’s Shadow Creative Industries and Digital Minister — as keynote speaker. Niall also attended a De Havilland event on Labour’s first 100 days in power, given by former party policy lead James McBride. In both cases, we were able to gain valuable insider access to a Westminster that now finds itself in flux.

We have also been responding to a House of Lords Committee consultation on the provision of the industry’s skills training, the value of the Apprenticeship Levy and other career development issues — though the consultation has now been put on hold due to the election.

Representing you in the industry

Elsewhere, we met with Jack Powell, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the BFI, to provide direct feedback on key issues affecting the screen sector and our members — including AI. The topic was also discussed at meetings we took part in with the British Copyright Council (BCC) — which reviewed the ICO consultation on AI regulation — and a session with the Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA), which assessed the EU’s attitude towards the issue.

We also met with Samuel Bischoff of the DGC (Directors Guild of Canada) to discuss interests of mutual concern to directors on both sides of the Atlantic, and in April were able to attend the launch of the Creative UK manifesto, “Our Creative Future”, where we met with a wide circle of creative sector executives.

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