Published on: 03 January 2012 in Directors UK

Peter Hammond obituary

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Director and actor Peter Hammond has died. He was 87.

Hammond began his directing career with the hit TV series The Avengers in 1961, where, according to The Guardian, he was “largely responsible for creating its distinctive look in its pre-film days”.

After his success there, Hammond was chosen to direct an improvised half hour special for The Afternoon Play strand in 1965, entitled "Ambrose". The production was well-received, and contributed to Hammond being awarded Guild of Television Producers and Directors award (later known as the BAFTAs).

Hammond’s work on The Avengers continued, but he also branched out into directing episodes of Sherlock Holmes for Granada, and Inspector Morse. Hammond also directed a feature film, with the 1970 drama Spring and Port Wine.

For a more detailed account of Peter’s life and career, read the Guardian obituary here.

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