Published on: 26 February 2024 in Directors UK

Pay Survey — Help us push for better pay and negotiate deals to increase royalty payments

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Today, we’ve launched a pay survey to better understand the economic situation of TV and film directors working in the UK.  

Conducted by a team at the CREATe Research Centre at the University of Glasgow, the information gathered by the survey will give us the data we need to show broadcasters, streamers and their production partners how precarious the income of a director is, and why rights payments are critical to sustaining this career.   

We’ll also be able to use the data to draw a clear picture for government and policymakers about the realities of being a freelance director. 

Our CEO Andy Harrower says: 

“Directors UK was founded with the aim of protecting the role of the director, and improving pay and working conditions for directors making TV and film in the UK.   

With the industry in freefall, many of you are struggling to make ends meet, and some of you are being forced to seek work outside of directing.   

As we push for better pay for directors, and negotiate deals to increase royalty payments, we need to understand - and demonstrate with a solid body of data - the economic situation of our members.  

That’s why we need directors to fill in this pay survey.”  

Are you a professional director? Fill in our pay survey now

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