Published on: 21 May 2024 in Directors UK

Our 2024 International Distribution — we crunch the numbers

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Earlier this month, we paid out our latest international distribution to eligible members — but what exactly does that mean? 

We look at some of the facts and figures that make up our latest international distribution, from how long it would take you to watch, to which sister societies we paid out payments from. 

£3.36 million

The amount paid out in our latest international distribution. 


If you sat down to watch everything that was included in our latest international distribution, you would find yourself settling down to take in over 50,000 individual titles. 


This whopping figure is the total time in minutes that it would take if you sat down to watch the entire international distribution, back-to-back, non-stop. That is equivalent to 25 years.  

In this time, you could fly from Manchester to Cannes 97,415 times, run the London Marathon 51,371 times (based on the 2023 average finish time), or listen to every song ever included in the Eurovision Song Contest 3,044 times. Phew! 


That’s the number of different channels included in this latest international distribution, which means work by our members is being watched far and wide. 


We paid out payments from 17 sister societies, with the biggest payments coming from Italy, Switzerland, France and Spain. Grazie mille, vielen dank, merci beaucoup and gracias to our European colleagues! 


The individual number of payments processed, each one requiring its own individual row of data and creating one serious spreadsheet for our Distribution team to tackle. 


The number of eligible members included in this international distribution. 

There could be even more directors included in future distributions. Our Unregistered Directors List identifies directors (or directors’ estates) who don’t benefit from the income generated by our distributions as they are not yet members of Directors UK.  

This list is updated every time we run a distribution and new payments become available — check out this list and share with any peers or colleagues who you may recognise to let them know how being part of the Directors UK community could benefit them.   

If you’re a Directors UK member, you can help our Distribution and Membership teams by keeping your details up to date with us and by registering all your credits so that we have the most up-to-date information possible. You can do this by logging into your Directors UK online profile

It’s also vital that you have a plan for passing on your Directors UK payments to your beneficiaries in your estate, and that your beneficiary knows how to register with us (something they will need to do separately) — find out more.

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