Published on: 06 October 2023 in Directors UK

Our 2023 Foreign Distribution - facts and figures

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In October, we paid out our latest foreign distribution to eligible members, but what exactly does that mean when it comes to the facts and figures?  

Here, we crunch some numbers for a light-hearted look at our latest foreign distribution.

£3.2 million  

That’s the total amount paid out in our October 2023 foreign distribution.


The total number of channels across the world which were covered by this latest distribution. Our members’ work is being seen far and wide! 


The number of members included in this distribution. That’s enough of you to fill Saint Paul’s Cathedral...with another 300+ people queuing out of the door.


If you were to watch everything that was included in our latest foreign distribution, you would end up taking in a massive 85,399 titles. That’s one whopper binge watch!


This mind-boggling figure is the time in minutes that it would take to watch the entire distribution, back-to-back, non-stop. That’s 23.9 years. In this time, you could listen to Miley Cyrus’ Flowers 4,189,524 times, watch Elton John’s 2023 Glastonbury headline set 100,000 times, or fly from London to New York on Concorde 72,763 times. 


This huge figure is the number of individual payments processed, each one creating a row of data. That’s one serious spreadsheet for our Distribution team to work on, with more lines of data than Derby has citizens. 


We paid out payments from 14 societies, covering 12 territories – and the biggest payments were from The Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy. A hearty bedankt, merci beaucoup, vielen dank and grazie mille to our colleagues on the Continent! 

That’s the size of the dedicated distribution team who worked on our latest foreign distribution, plus 2 more staff in our Membership department, registering and tracking down non-members to make sure these directors received their payments. Find out how you can help with this. 

If you’re a Directors UK member, you can help our dedicated Distribution team by keeping your details with us up to date, and by registering all your credits with us to make sure we have the most up-to-date information possible. You can do all this by logging on to your online profile

It’s also really important that directors have a plan for passing on the right to receive their Directors UK payments to their beneficiaries in their estate. Your beneficiary also needs to know how to register with us (something that needs to be done separately) - you can learn more here.

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