Published on: 02 December 2011 in Industry

Nicolas Roeg to be honoured by London Critics Circle

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Acclaimed director Nicolas Roeg is to receive the Dilys Powell Award for Excellence In Film, the highest honour awarded by the London Critics Circle.

Roeg, whose credits include Don't Look Now, Performance, Walkabout and The Man Who Fell to Earth, said he was "amazed...and caught a bit left-footed" by the news:

"I’m sure the critics will understand when I say: on looking through and reading some of my old reviews, I’m torn between thanking you and forgiving you. But having slept on it, I’ll go with the positive and thank you all and hope that in the countdown for the decision of the ‘Critics’ Circle’ to give me a tribute, some old mathematical rule applied where two negatives can sometimes make a positive.”

Chairman of The Critics’ Circle Film Section, Jason Solomons, added: “Nic Roeg’s films stand out as one of the most distinctive and influential bodies of work of any British film maker. I am thrilled that he can now join the list of illustrious honorees of the Dilys Powell Award for Excellence in Cinema - he adds mischief, daring and brilliance to it, as well as the sort of maverick artistic spirit that only cinema can liberate.”

Roeg will receive the award on January 19th at BFI Southbank, London.

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