Published on: 24 September 2020 in Directors UK

Directors UK members recognised in 2020 Grierson Award nominations

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This week, the final nominations for the 2020 Grierson Awards were announced, and we’re thrilled to see our members have had their work recognised across a range of categories.

In the Best Single Documentary – Domestic category, members Anna Hall and Brian Woods received nominations for their work on The Family Secret, Rachel Harvie and David DeHaney were nominated for Suicidal, and Arthur Cary and Morgan Matthews were nominated for War in the Blood. Meanwhile, in the Best Single Doc – International category, Directors UK members Sarah Waldron, Dan Edge and Jane McMullen received nominations for The Day California Burned, and Ursula Macfarlane was nominated for Untouchable: The Rise of Harvey Weinstein.

The Best Current Affairs Documentary category saw plenty of nominations for our members’ work. Phil Rees is nominated for Al Jazeera Investigations: Diplomats for Sale, Marc Perkins is nominated for Sex For Grades, Monica Garnsey and Chris Mitchell are nominated for Undercover with Clerics, and Robin Barnwell is nominated for Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Gulag. Meanwhile, in the Best Arts of Music Documentary category, Directors UK member Brian Hill is nominated with Terms and Conditions: A UK Drill Story.

In the Best Historical Documentary category, Directors UK members Eleanor Scoones and Mary Crisp are nominated for A House Through Time - Episode 1, while member Clare Cameron and Edmund Coulthard are nominated for Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain. Meanwhile, for Best Science Documentary, David Dugan is nominated for Einstein’s Quantum Riddle, Will Lorimer and Liesel Evans are nominated for Mad Cow Disease: The Great British Beef Scandal, and Arthur Cary and Morgan Matthews are again recognised for War in the Blood

The Best Natural History Documentary category saw Directors UK members Christian Collerton, Joe Evans and Neil Crombie nominated for The Last Igloo, Jonny Keeling and Fredi Devas nominated for Seven Worlds, One Planet: Antarctica, and Laura Warner, Monica Garnsey nominated for Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers. Meanwhile, in Best Entertaining Documentary, members Anna Llewellyn and Tom Bowman are nominated The Dog House – Episode 3, and Morgan Roberts and Chris Cottram are nominated for The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan: Zimbabwe

Elsewhere, in the Best Documentary Series category, Directors UK members Mark Lewis and Dimitri Doganis were nominated for Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer, Jeremy Lee and Catey Sexton were nominated for Hometown: A Killing, and Clare Cameron and Edmund Coulthard were again nominated for Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain. The Best Constructed Documentary Series saw members Sally Benton, Claire Bradbury and Susie Attwood nominated for Long Lost Family, and Benjamin Leigh and Louise Bartmann were nominated for The Restaurant that Makes Mistakes

Finally, in the Best Cinema Documentary category, Edward Watts has been nominated for For Sama, and in the Best Documentary Short category members Katherine Round and James Scott have been nominated for Witness: The Mortician of Manila.

Congratulations to all of this year’s fantastic nominees! You can find a full list of the nominations on the Grierson website. The final awards will be presented on November 10th, at a ceremony at London’s Southbank centre – COVID-19 permitting. 

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