Published on: 10 February 2012 in Campaigns seeks to preserve “the use of celluloid film”

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A campaign has begun to ensure the preservation of analogue cinematography, amidst fears from some corners that digital image capture will become a “blanket substitute” for celluloid.

The campaign, started by, also seeks to establish:

“universal acceptance of the reasonable notion that the cinematographer – in collaboration with other members of the creative team – should be granted choice and final decision with respect to image acquisition technique and recording format”

On a Mission Statement published on their website, make clear that, “in the interest of diversity”, the organisation:

“welcomes image capturing technologies other than film as an important addition to the cinematographer's palette and we advocate that these should explicitly be allowed to expand the existing choice, rather than be made blanket substitute for analogue film, whatever the reason.”

You can lend your support for their campaign by giving your details here:

Where do you stand in the “digital vs celluloid” debate? Do you think there’s room for both? Is celluloid under threat, and is that to the detriment of our cinema? Or is analogue film now a relic of a different age? With financial restrictions now so commonplace in film production, is it simply impractical to insist on the use of celluloid? Email [email protected] with your view.

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