Published on: 06 June 2019 in Events

NEW EVENT: Film distribution breakfast talk with Digital Cinema United

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Both domestically and internationally, Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation and distribution is a vital part of a film’s journey to cinemas and VOD platforms. But how does it work, and how is it used by films looking for an alternative means of distribution worldwide? 

At our breakfast event with Digital Cinema United (DCU), members can hear from experts Mili Cumic (Business Development Director) and Clive Ogden (VP Client Services) about the next generation of distribution. With clients ranging from indies to major studios and exhibitors, Digital Cinema United tackles digital asset creation, delivery and more — everything you need to get your film ready for the big screen. This talk is a great opportunity for Full and Associate members who are curious about the practical, nuts-and-bolts-and-pixels process of getting their finished work onto the screen. 

This event will take place at Directors UK, London. The breakfast bar will be open 10.15am, with the presentation starting at 11am.

Directors UK members can book their place here.

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